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Q: Why is your stolen bike checker offline?

A: We have removed the stolen bike checker due to technology system changes. The checker that was previously live on the website was functioning incorrectly and we have therefore decided to remove it for the time being until a fully functioning tool can be provided for our customers.


Q: How long will it be offline for?

A: At this stage we cannot confirm when the stolen bike checker will return as this is dependent on system improvements. The checker will only be re-launched when it is fully functional and therefore providing a useful service for our customers.


Q: Where can I register my bike as stolen?

A: Many countries have their own National Bike Registers where you can find resources and advice, and take steps to report your bike as stolen. A small number of the most widely-used national registers are listed below…

• Belgium: https://mybike.brussels/

• France: https://www.bicycode.org/velo-marque.rub-13/enregistrer-son-velo.rub-15/

• Germany: https://www.bike-id.eu/

• Spain: https://www.biciregistro.es/#/home

• UK: https://www.bikeregister.com/

• USA: https://bikeindex.org/